Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sleeping arrangements

dave and i decided that puppy has shown he can be trusted....when he's asleep. :)
pretty much every night of the week dave falls asleep on the couch downstairs and puppy on his bed. he would put foster in his crate around 1-2am only for me to get him out again at 6am. so we thought why not just let him sleep in our room for those 4-5 hrs?
we started last week and so far so good! at first he would pop up when the alarm went off and start licking one of our faces but he has quickly learned we like to hit the snooze button a few times and he now waits patiently on his bed for 1-2 snoozes before coming to retrieve us. such a good boy!
after a few nights of dragging foster's dog bed from the living room up to our bedroom at 2am dave agreed that a second doggie bed was in order. yippee! i get to go shopping! off to target i went and i came back with several fun items but lets just stick to the bed for now. i was instructed not to get one that's too big and for some reason dave wanted a round one. so i came back with this....nice but clearly too small so back to target i went to grab the one i would have bought first if DH hadn't had those bright ideas. much better!! now if i could just get him to stop snoring so loudly!


  1. Puppy looks so happy! Now who is snoring? David or Foster? :)

  2. puppy is quite the snorer!! he woke me up a few nights ago it was so loud!

  3. I can't wait to have puppy come back and visit. Our application for a dog didn't go through since the dog was adopted by another family. We'll keep looking!

  4. Yay for Puppy!!! What a good bear cub!

  5. Yay, glad that puppys foster is back......i love reading the updates!