Monday, December 22, 2008

weekend recap

well it was a fun-filled weekend of playing in the snow and visiting with family! "pretty standard really"..... anyhoo, lets recap.....friday we shoveled, saturday we shoveled and drove to CT for mom s' bday and sunday, you guessed it, more shoveling! lucky for us we have great neighbors who helped us out with their snowblowers. in the end i think we got between 1.5 and 2 feet of snow! not a bad start to winter i guess. and hopefully a white christmas!
here's a few pics from our quickie visit to CT for mom s' bday.
that last one came out blurry-aargh!!! our camera has been having some issues lately. not me, the camera, i swear. i took a couple pics this morning of the final carnage.
puppy and i went for a walk this morning in the sub-zero temps. when we got back he decided instead of lying in his luxurious puppy bed, he would rather lay on a crappy bath mat with all our wet hats and gloves. i got a good chuckle out of it.
foster has developed stinky dog breath recently so i got him some minty fresh treats at the store tonight. he gobbled his first one up right away tonight!
only one more day of work until i'm off until january 5th! yippee!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

fun in the snow!

foster and i went out in the snowstorm this evening for some shoveling, fetching and general merriment! this puppy sure does love playing in, and eating, the snow!

hooray winter!!

the calm before the storm

happy friday everyone! we're bracing ourselves for a BIG snowstorm up here today. supposed to be getting upwards of a foot of fluffy snow today and tonight! i'm kind of excited since:
a) i'll be leaving work early and not driving in it
b) fluffy snow makes for easy shoveling
c) foster has never seen a big snowfall and since he's still kinda little it will be fun to see him bounding around in a foot of snow. did i mention this dog LOVES snow?!
i'll leave you with a pic hubby found on a message board he frequents to discuss fishing with other obsessed fishermen, surf talk. i believe a man down in NJ took this one morning last week.
hopefully i'll have some fun pics to post later today of puppy fun in the snow!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

holiday cheer!

we got our christmas tree last weekend and put it up and decorated it. we had no help from foster as he was passed out from his sunday afternoon adventure with baron. we snapped a few pics of the finished product when he woke up.
the happy family!so far nothing on the tree has been destroyed! happy holidays everyone!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

bath time!

well after getting slobbered on by a black lab with a bit of a drooling problem yesterday on our walk at gates pond, foster developed a bit of a strange odor. anyone who has ever had a puppy knows that puppies have a distinct smell that is MUCH nicer than an adult dog. i've definitely noticed a friend or two of ours comment on foster's puppy smell with delight! so i decided that tonight was the night for foster's first bath since i want that smell back! dave was a bit apprehensive at first so he was the designated photog. there was a brief mutiny at one point and foster tried to jump out of the tub but overall he was a very good boy!
first we started with a quick rinse, with some help from a pitcher.....then a generous lather with some puppy shampoo from petco......
hmmm......that feels nice......
considering an exit strategy.....waiting for the tub to drain and get dried off......oh that puppy doesn't look very happy
daddy pitched in for the rinsing and drying

after some treats and praise i think foster recovered from the whole bath event unscathed! and now he smells like baby powder, which is just fine with me!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

another puppy play date with baron

foster and i went for a nice walk today with my friend mali and her golden retriever baron. you might remember baron from a previous post. baron's ~ 7 months old now and foster is 21 weeks today. we walked around gates pond, which proved to be quite an adventure with all the downed trees from friday's ice storm. the boys had their usual fun running and biting though! we bumped into a friendly family of irish setters, such pretty dogs.
thanks for a fun afternoon mali and baron!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RIP mr. goose

i think foster's all time favorite toy thus far has been his goose. mr. goose was a wedding gift from our friends ken & beth and foster has LOVED it since day 1.

alas mr. goose has been chewed open at his beak and foster has begun trying to eat the stuffing.

so we've decided to retire the goose. maybe santa will bring foster a new favorite toy!

thanks for all the good memories mr. goose!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

saturday night visit from the fab four

after an afternoon frolicking in and around our hudson neighborhood we had visitors! catie & steve and ethan & amanda came over for lasagna and music-sharing. i even broke out the good dishes and placemats and everything!
foster had a nice time visiting with everyone. and he had no problem cozing up with ethan on the floor. forgetting again that he's a bit too big for laps these days!
and of course he made time to get some loves from one of his favorite friends, amanda.
sunday morning we woke up to snow flurries! nothing major but little fos has only seen snow once before so he was bouncing around the yard. he and catie had lots of fun playing fetch!
we all hoped into the truck to go cut down a christmas tree in nearby grafton. but we arrived to discover the price of tree has gone up to $45!! to cut your own!! we balked and then proceeded to come back home.
foster now sits in the backseat of dave's truck outside of his travel kennel. it's pretty cute to turn around and see him sitting there.
the search continues for a moderately priced tree! we'll hopefully be getting one later this week!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

a chilly saturday morning with mom

while dave was out on saturday foster and i played in the yard for a bit in the cold frosty morning. dave decided to take the leash with him while we was out all day so we were confined to the yard until i went out and got another leash later on.
we spent some serious time with his favorite (and cheapest toy).......sticks!
this one's got to be my favorite
then i tried taking some pics of our shadows together, which i thought looked kinda cool.
he finally stopped moving for a second and looked up at me
all of this fun lead to one tuckered out puppy. time to rest up for our saturday evening visitors....
more to come on saturday night tomorrow!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


my boys are home!! foster and i hung out a bit last night. we played and cuddled for a while. he doesn't look too much bigger to me.

i'm so happy they're home!!! as predicted hubby took no pics down the cape so i won't have anything from their p-town adventures to post-sorry!

dave is out all day today so foster and i get all sort of quality time together!!! what a fun saturday!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

the triumphant return of foster and dave

well it hasn't happened yet but they will be returning this evening and i can't wait!!!
hubby has been reporting that foster has been getting lots of loves from many strangers and enjoying his walks on the beach in p-town. he is riding in the backseat of dave's truck outside of his kennel from time-to-time and he even jumped out of the backseat into the bed of the truck thru the slider window! (while it was parked of course)
hubby promised to take some pics of him for the blog while they are away but i wouldn't hold your breath on that. i'll be sure to take a bunch of pics this weekend as we are supposed to have our first couple inches of snow sat night/sunday morning and we're having a visit from ethan, amanda, catie & steve! sure to be lots of fun!
hopefully foster still remembers his mom and will be just as excited to see me tonight as i am to see him!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i miss my boys!!

i miss my puppy!!! and dave a little i guess too. but mostly i'm mad at him for taking the puppy away for 4 days!!
since i don't have any new material to post i thought we'd take a trip down memory lane to revisit the first few weeks we had the little furball. prepare to melt......

ok that's it! i can't take this anymore!!