Friday, September 18, 2009

fetching again!

foster has had kind of a boring late summer. first he got neutered. just as he finished healing from his surgery he ran into a moving car. maybe that doesn't sound boring to you but both of these events in succession have resulted in a puppy that hasn't done hardly any fetching, running, swimming or playing with other dogs.
the limping is just about completely gone so we've extended our walks and begun training again with daddy. it's not enough tho. when you look at this dog you can see he is dying to do some real running around! even tho it's strictly against daddy's training policy i've been letting foster play with one of his favorite toys once in a while. only a few tosses now and then. he's overjoyed to have ball-in-a-ball back out of retirement! yay!
have a good weekend y'all!




  2. Puppy looks so happy!! I missi him!!!

  3. Wow. Glad the pooch is O.K. after the car!. We were excited to see your new boat too, looks great - wish we were there to bother you into a fun afternoon on the water. Just got back from Banff and Jasper, what a place. That blog will be up soon.