Monday, November 22, 2010

how is foster doing?

after checking to see how the baby, mommy & daddy are doing this is the next question that everyone keeps asking us. so far puppy seems kinda indifferent towards jason. he has sniffed him a bit while wagging his tail but otherwise no real interest. as usual he seems most concerned with daddy. and daddy has been making sure to take puppy out on walks every day so he is not neglected.
here's a few pics with puppy over the last week....
family photo
we are not worried about foster tho. he will be just fine and we're sure best buds with jase in due time.

Friday, November 19, 2010

the early arrival of baby s

well even the best laid plans are bound to be altered from time to time.
anyone who knows me knows i am just a tad bit of a control freak/anal retentive/type A. it's what makes me a good scientist & planner (at least that's what i tell myself). in a move that will perhaps foreshadow the rest of his life, baby s decided to throw a wrench in the plans of his crazy planner mommy by arriving on november 16th-just under 4 weeks before his dec 12th due date.
lucky for us, due to my aforementioned anal-retentiveness, almost everything was all set. so at ~5am this past monday DH & i headed out to the hospital with no idea what to bring with us & no idea how to use/install our infant car seat. about 20hrs after my water broke jason louis arrived into the world at an impressive 7lbs 3oz.
and so the journey begins......
more to come on new baby jase & of course our beloved foster the puppy. at some point.....after we sleep.

Friday, November 12, 2010

AZ peeps rule!

my friends at work rock. they had a lovely baby shower for me at work the other day!
they gave me a VERY generous gift & perhaps the best gift of all.....a delicious homemade cake from christie!!
dave did not appreciate the cake decorations but i LOVED it! so much so that i had 2 pieces. :)
thanks again AZ peeps!! you guys are the best!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


we had a bit of a jack-o-lantern snafu for halloween this year. i bought one of those pumpkins with the warts on it because i thought it would be kinda fun to incorporate the bumps into the face. well it turns out those kinds of pumpkins are like 4 inches thick & impossible to carve. we went to a lil halloween get-together sat night to carve pumpkins & our host had to use a saw, yes literally a real outdoor saw, the remove the top. so no big jack-o-lantern for the scarp house or it's trick-or-treaters this year. i laid it on it's side & put a big spider in it instead. luckily i had 3 small pumpkins decorating the stairs that i whipped up a quick "boo" in.
here's a few pics of the finished display....
we had a decent number of kids come by & they all kept saying "boo!" at the pumpkins so i guess it worked out!