Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat!

happy halloween!!

well i had a really cool pic of the pumpkin i carved to post but i somehow deleted it! so i'll add that on when i get home tonight.
foster celebrated halloween a bit early this year by eating an entire bowl of candy corns the other day. speaking of candy corns........hope you have a spooky day!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dog Log

In honor of stepping in one of Foster's presents this morning (in my slippers!) I give you an excerpt from one my favorite Phish songs..........
Dog Log, By Phish

Walkin' cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn
Walkin' cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn
I've been walkin' cross the lawn
Wanderin' through the dawn, dawn, dawn
Walkin' cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn
I've been walkin' cross the lawn
I've been wonderin' where my dog done gone
Where's my dog gone?
Where's my dog gone?

Yes, Phish has a song about stepping in dog poo. And yes it's one of my favorites.

Monday, October 27, 2008

upton state forest

sunday afternoon we went for a lovely stroll through upton state forest. it was in the 70's and foster enjoyed fetching sticks and even going for a quick dip in dean pond!

relaxing with dad after yet another fun-filled afternoonfoster got another clean bill of health from the vet today! he got another round of shots including his rabies vaccine. we have to go back one last time in 3 weeks for our last set of shots and lyme disease vaccine.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

foster party!

this weekend foster the puppy was treated to a visit at our house by some family! my sister and her brood came down to see the puppy along with my parents, my great aunt and my cousins!
getting some love from memewith two of my nephewsthere was so much excitement that foster needed to take a short nap to regroup in the middle of the party
as if that wasn't enough fun, auntie k gave us this super fun HUGE ball that we absolutely LOVE!!!!
what a great day!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

red oak winery

last night me and some co-workers went on a tasting and tour at the red oak winery in middleton, mA. we enjoyed a lovely sampling of red and white wines all made in french oak barrels right here in massachusetts! the grapes are grown in california and shipped out in refrigerator trucks. then the wine is made locally at the winery. the vintner, Frank Spadafora, gave us a really interesting description of how his wine is crafted using techniques similar to those of the wineries in bordeaux but using cali grapes rather than french ones.
i have already tried (and love) the merlot, cabernet sauvingon and red zinfandel. so i tasted 5 completely different wines last night (don't worry you only get a few sips of each):
  • syrah-really good
  • barbera-very interesting, peppery and spicy, never had anything like it
  • vintner's reserve-a blend of several different red oak wines, dry and amazing (my fav!)
  • sauvingon blanc-a very fruity bouquet and very tasty
  • chardonnay-i'm not a big chardonnay fan to begin with so i wasn't a huge fan of this one
i think just about everyone went home with a few bottles for the holidays! i highly recommend checking out the red oak winery in middleton!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

welcome norah!

my dear friend marisa and her hubby rick welcomed their beautiful baby girl yesterday!
norah was born october 20th at 3:20am. i can't wait to meet her!
congrats to the new family!!


every night around 5-6pm foster exhibits a certain behavior which we refer to as "protest!"
"protest!" involves sitting in the kitchen on the mat and looking rather annoyed that dinner has not been served yet.
here's a classic shot of "protest!" that i just snapped a few minutes agodespite eating at exactly 6:30pm every night foster still loves a good ol' fashioned protest to remind mum and dad that he would be happy to eat at pretty much any time or RIGHT NOW! i would like to remind everyone that this dog gets PLENTY of food everyday and is not underfed! he eats at bfast, lunch and dinnertime and occasionally gets fun treats too!
i decided to break up "protest!" by trying to snap a pic of the two of us sitting on the mat. this was the best that i could dobig kiss!crazy puppy!

ok, back to playing with a hungry brown bear cub.........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

a chilly autumn morning walk

we all went for a nice walk this morning at the westboro WMA (wildlife management area). it was a bit chilly but the foliage was pretty and foster had fun running around and sniffing stuff. such pretty colors
we had a visit from our neighbor's huskies on friday. they are big, furry and sweet.
jake and maya
gotta finish doing things around the house and get mentally prepared for ALCS game 7 tonight!!! GO SOX!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


yesterday was dave's (and now mine!) sister and her hubby's 14th wedding anniversary! congrats jen and dj!
and today is my sister and her hubby's 9 year wedding anniversary!
yay kfc!
dave and i hope to be blessed with as many years of wedded bliss as you two couples! love you guys!

my first tummy ache

foster was a bit under the weather yesterday. i suspect it may be from eating a mushroom with bright yellow dust on it in our yard. he's been in a good mood but was having trouble keeping his food down. so far today he is feeling better. poor little puppy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

fall harvest

it was a beautiful day yesterday at shelburne farms and we picked all sorts of delicious apples. cortland, macoun, empire, red delicious, jonagold.....yummy!
i made an apple crisp last night for dessert and it was spectacular! (if i do say so myself)
this is how foster was sleeping last night for a bit
alright.....i guess i'll go back to watching the sox game. hopefully they can turn things around!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

more of the amazing adventures of foster the puppy

we had another jam-packed weekend of fun! saturday while mom & dad where running errands and cleaning up around the house, foster found a lovely place to take a napwe also had some fun exploring in dad's kayak, which someday in the future foster will be spending quite alot of time in!saturday night we went over our friend's catie & steve's new place for bbq and nighttime glow-in-the-dark bocce! foster had the pleasure of meeting some of our best buds and even another doggie! somehow i don't have any pics of foster meeting royce the beagle. boo.......
our lovely hosts catie & steve

getting some love from amandathen today we visited with mom & dad m in walpole. foster got his own new toy that he absolutely loves!! good pick meme!!

playin' with grampie in the yardbest.toy.ever

to top everything off we went over to shelburne farms in stow today to go apple picking. not only do they have the best apples but they allow doggies in the orchard on a leash! and to make things even better we got to visit with my good bud from work, mali, and her golden puppy baron! again i somehow decided to leave my camera in the car but they seemed to get along great and foster was of course a celebrity at the orchard!

what fun lies in store tomorrow with daddy being home for the holiday??? we'll see......

ahhhhh heaven

i mean i the best doggy mom or what?
weekend recap on the way.......

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

walkies & our very own bed!

monday evening we all went for a walk down the street to the assabet river. there's a small footbridge that leads over the river and into a dog-friendly park.
it was a beautiful autumn evening
he loves his sticks. look at the size of those paws!
on the way back dave tried to get foster to go into the water. he was throwing sticks into a shallow part of the river. foster was meandering at the edge but wouldn't swim in. then he decided to climb up on a wet rock sticking out of the water and he slipped and fell in! he went completely underwater nose first! it was hilarious! he held on to the rock and whimpered for a sec than swam around it back to the shore. of course i didn't take any pics b/c i was practically diving in to help him! i did take this one pic of him all wet and scared afterwards.
well today i finally decided to ignore my darling husband and go get my dog a proper bed! i picked up this extra large woolrich dog bed from target.
he'll grow into it someday!
if that's not happiness i don't know what is...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

manny who??

this never gets old. welcome to the party jason bay.
love that dirty water........

Monday, October 6, 2008

on tour in connecticut

foster had an action-packed weekend on tour down in connecticut. we visited all sorts of family and friends and even met some other doggies! all the excitement left us with one tired puppy sunday afternoon!
first stop:mom & dad S. house in north haven
cuddling up with grandma
playin' with auntie laurafetching in the backyard
then on to auntie carrie's house to meet matthew and patrick!
matthew is not so sure about this guy
final stop of the day on saturday was to dave & michelle's to meet the whole NH/UConn crew and the silver fox himself-steely!!! steely is a 5 month old silver lab. silver you ask? i guess there's a recessive gene in chocolates so they sometimes come out silver.
sniffing each other outdaniella getting pushed around by 2 crazy puppies
he was a little scared at first and sticking close to mommy
believe it or not this is steely & foster playing nice! after some bum sniffing everyone seemed to get along great!
after what was probably the most exciting day of his short 11 week life so far, foster crashed big time and slept ~8hrs!
sunday we headed up to marisa & rick's place for the last stop on our CT tour. they have a beagle murphy, who was none to pleased to have our little brown bear cub sniffing around...
marisa was definitely VERY happy to meet foster tho!
marisa & rick will be welcoming their own baby girl in just a few weeks! can't wait to meet her!ok, gotta run so i can hopefully watch the sox wrap up the NLDS series tonight. GO SOX!!!!