Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a sign of fall

i can't deny it much longer....fall is just about here. football season has started, the red sox are limping into the post-season, i'm closing the windows at night, the quilt is back on the bed and it's review time at work.
so instead of fighting it, i'm embracing it. after all i love autumn in new england! so to celebrate i planted some mums yesterday. i love these plants and DH finally gave the OK this year to get some. for some reason he protested last yr...maybe b/c they're annuals and don't last too long.
it was a beautiful day and i took the afternoon off so i had to do something that kept me outdoors. there's a nice spot at the end of the driveway that used to have japanese yews, which dave removed this spring. since then weeds have taken over the spot. i pulled and dug until they were all gone then ran out to my favorite local farm stand and picked out 4 beautiful plants. 4 quick holes later and waahlaa! aren't they beautiful? puppy seems to like them too. he was a very good model for these pics. :) so break out your sweaters and put away your sunscreen-fall is here!


  1. Yippeeeee skippeeeee!!!!!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!
    Mums look great!! My favorite sign of fall!!!!

  2. Yaaaaay! Back-breaking work, beautiful results & PUPPY!!!

  3. Very nice. What a good puppy model.

  4. I love how Fos is hanging out in the pictures...and the mums look great!