Friday, April 16, 2010


while we were away in d.c. last weekend puppy was at club med for brown dogs, also known as ken & beth's house. he had cut one of the pads of his feet the night before we left (are you surprised?) so he was restricted to limited play & no walks. that didn't stop him from taking every possible opportunity to run outside & lay in the puddle on ken & beth's pool cover tho!
beth sent me this pic the day after we left....seriously this dog is crazy! it is impossible to keep him out of the water!
as always k&b were amazing caretakers, even tho i'm sure they were not thrilled to be constantly mopping up water from foster's frequent puddle hopping!
i am very happy to report that foster did not give us the cold shoulder upon our return! i think he was simply too exhausted from playing with timmy & zeke for 4 days to put up a fuss.
many thanks again to k&b for always taking in our crazy brown dog!
have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

washington d.c.

dave & i went to our nation's capitol last weekend to visit our dear friend matt. it was sunny & warm & although a barrage of t-storms knocked out all the cherry blossoms the night we arrived we still saw some great sites!
museum of natural historywashington monumentWWII memoriallincoln memorialnational arboretumair & space museum
capitol hill and on top of all that fun sightseeing we got to visit with some friends too!
a couple of my girls from high school-kel & cor
& kelly's dogs roger & sam, who were so freakin cute & sweet i wanted to take them home with us
and of course our AMAZING hosts matt & his girlfriend burns
and their pet grumpasaurus! yes i've already tapped my sister to make me one of these- i love it! thanks to everyone for a super fun visit! we had an awesome time!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

new porch setup!

thanks to my mom & dad's downsizing (& generosity) we inherited some awesome walpole woodworker's porch furniture! this set has been in the family for years & is still in pretty good shape. my mom got some new cushions for it a few years ago. it fits very nicely in our 3 season porch and we are already enjoying it! we moved the old slab coffee table out here (it still lives marisa!) & still have the bar table & stools out here too. ignore the old bookcase, filing cabinet & end table. those are slated for disposal asap.our house is just about ready for some guests! who wants to come visit?!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


on our way down to CT last weekend we made our usual stop at cabelas in east hartford so DH could pick up a few things. puppy & i usually stay outside & hang out. it was a beautiful day out & we frolicked by a pond filled with canada geese. puppy being the good bird dog that he is took quite an interest in the geese.of course it's impossible to keep foster out of the water. lately one of foster's favorite outdoor activities, especially when he's a bit wet, is to roll around on his back in the grass. sometimes it's to dry off, other time i think he's just entertaining himself. either way it's hilarious to watch.ahh the life of a puppy......

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the muppet

foster has a new friend at work. you may remember foster's girlfriend willie from the office. unfortunately willie passed away recently but willie's dad just got a new puppy and she & foster are proving to be fast friends. this is olive, the italian spinone. spinone's are a less common hunting dog with a gentle soul & laid back temperament. DH thinks olive looks funny & calls her the muppet.
i swung by dave's work one day last week and took some pics of foster, olive & a german shorthaired pointer puppy that happened to be wandering by.i'm sure there will many more fun times to come for foster & olive!