Thursday, September 3, 2009

we're having a bad week.....

puppy decided to attack a moving car yesterday. luckily he was in a parking lot and the car was moving very slowly. one of his hind legs got pinned under a tire. no broken bones thank god but he's pretty banged up.

he's taking pain meds and he's still able to hobble around on 3 legs. in fact, he saw a squirrel this morning and went bounding down the stairs out back for it on 3 legs! so he's still the same old foster. :)
in other foster medical news, his reaction to the stitches is getting much better very quickly. much less swollen & irritated.
what a week! we go back to the vet tomorrow for a check up on everything.


  1. Poor Foster! Hope he feels better real soon. Big hugs to all of you!

    Brooke, Jonathan and Chloe

  2. Hope Foster is feeling better. It sounds like he is, I'm sure he's doing better than you and Dave are.


  3. Hahaha! You're making me laugh and I'm in the library - I know it's not funny but the poor guy... what's next! I guess it's good his bud Baron is staying in Stow these days ;) I hope he recovers quickly! Miss you :) Mali

  4. Poor Puppy! Oh no! Hugs and kisses to puppy!!! Call if you need us...we are close now!! PuppY!!!