Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the duck factory

dave & foster went duck hunting last week at the infamous duck factory! the duck factory is a place where dave's friend bob has been hunting at for years that's loaded with ducks. dave's heard alot about it but have never been invited to go....until this year! and the duck factory delivered on it's promise & dave got 4 ducks, which foster retrieved somewhat successfully. it's still a work in progress with him but he gets better each time out!
team photo: proud papa & stoic puppy
to make the day even more fun foster got to hang out with another lab from gunning island kennels, brookie! brooke is an amazing retriever. she has been trained very well and is a certified master hunter! during down time foster & brooke snuggled together.....
these photos are courtesy of brooke's owner john.
well, we're off to CT on thursday for loads of turkey, wine, desserts, etc.
have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

40 years!

we had a 40th anniversary party for my parents last weekend. i made them this slideshow, with the amazing help of my friend steve who burned the movie file onto dvds for us to watch on tv! thanks steve!!! the first song is one of my parents favorites and the second one my mom likes and seemed to fit well! let me know what you think!

this is all i have for this week so have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

halloween in maine

no we weren't dressed up or trick-or-treating. we were at our 6th and final wedding of the year up on sebago lake. it was a lovely ceremony on the lake and the lodge was very cozy and warm. puppy came up to maine with us (albeit not the wedding) and we swung by my sister's house on the way out on sunday for a quick visit. the boys seemed to have fun running around outside and playing fetch with foster. alas we had to go home and puppy found a nice warm sunny spot in the truck to rest his head and nap on the way home. this dog amazes me in that he can find a armrest/console a comfortable place to nap and be snoring away....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

morning lovefest

this is just a sampling of the daily lovefest that occurs every morning in my bed between dave and foster. occasionally on weekends i get to get in on some of the love but clearly this dog only has eyes for dave.

Monday, November 16, 2009

foster foster foster

i know you've missed him! puppy is doing great! he recently had his yearly check-up at the vet and he is in near-perfect health! i say near-perfect b/c he was apparently exposed to lyme disease and is taking a 30 day course of antibiotics just in case. he received the "lyme vaccine" a while ago but apparently that doesn't 100% prevent you from getting the disease. the word vaccine is a bit confusing here i must admit. BUT i guess it helped his body fight off the lyme so he has no symptoms. to learn more read here. i should also mention we give him frontline too but being outside all the time and living in the northeast lyme disease is VERY common in dogs up here. luckily when caught early antibiotics make them good as new!
he clocked in at 79 lbs and is free & clear of heartworm and all that other fun stuff. yay puppy! we are also currently in the process of switching foster from his "puppy" formula dog food to "adult" dog food. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! he will still be referred to as a puppy! it's a very sad day tho that he's growing up so fast. :(
otherwise foster has been having LOTS of fun hunting with daddy several times a week. mostly they have been pheasant hunting but also occasionally waterfowl. foster has proven to be a spectacular hunting dog! several pheasants have been brought home and consumed! great job boys! here's a pic of puppy in his hunting collar (a gift from auntie catie!): back tomorrow with more fun updates!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

yay me!

another year, another birthday! although this one isn't nearly as traumatic as last year, my sister did point out to me this morning that i am now IN my 30's. yay. thanks for pointing that out k. thought i'd throw up a few pics of some of my fav events from the past 365 days....
BF brooke's wedding
the falmouth road race
good times with my hubby

and of course constant unconditional love & entertainment from foster

thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

kiawah kayaking

ok, last day of south carolina pics i promise. back to puppy, puppy, puppy next week!
on the last full day of our trip we went for a kayaking tour of the kiawah island marshes. it was a warm, sunny, clear morning and since it's the off season there were only 3 of us + our guide tj. it was my first time paddling a kayak & it was so much fun! we saw some beautiful scenery and wildlife it was a peaceful and enjoyable trip! thanks again to my mil & fil for having us down with them!
have a good weekend y'all and i promise to be back with foster the puppy updates next week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

seabrook island, sc

we spent most of our short trip on seabrook island, which is about 30 minutes outside charleston. seabrook is a nice slow-paced and quiet place with beautiful scenery everywhere you look. DH's m&d have been going there for years and we happily accepted an offer to tag along.
the view from our balcony yum! sailboats cruising by on a windy day while it was snowing back home we were enjoying a beautiful sunset and those are the newlyweds who were staying next door can you see the egret? lots of brown pelicans on our beach and dolphins! cool beach shot i highly recommend taking a trip down to seabrook island! as you can see it's a lovely place!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

charleston, south carolina

ok, i'm back! since i haven't posted since our trip i thought i'd share some pics.
we spent a slightly breezy & chilly day walking around charleston, which is a lovely city. city doesn't seem like the right word. it's a very cozy town with alot of history.
here's a few pics along battery row live oak with spanish moss (these are everywhere) ol' bill we had lunch at a yummy placed called hyman's. strange name yes but killer crab cakes, mac n' cheese, hush-puppies, she-crab soup, calamari and everything else! a christmas ornament and one box of pecan pralines later and we were done! it was a great day walking around a great town!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

blogging break

sorry puppies foster has been absent lately. thanks to all who have inquired and/or harassed me lately for posts. i honestly just haven't felt like writing at night. maybe it's the changing of the seasons or amount of daylight. i'm just in a bit of a funk. i'm heading back to physical therapy this week b/c of a re-injury and have been busy with party planning, weddings and just life in general i guess.
don't worry about foster, he is spectacular! he's been having lots of fun hunting adventures with daddy (read:pheasant for dinner tonight!) and bringing joy into our lives everyday still.
i promise we'll be back soon! i'm glad so many people miss the blog!
ta ta, megs