Thursday, July 29, 2010

dog days of summer

last weekend i organized an outing with some coworkers at a local park to walk our doggies. we went to the warren conference center in ashland, ma. there's an open field, shaded trails & a reservoir for humans & doggies alike to play. foster had a great time! he walked, ran, fetched, swam, etc with a bunch of other pups in the warm summer sun.
here's some pics of the day....
hopefully we can do it again soon sometime!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

workday fun

you may remember puppy's friend olive from work from this previous post. she is an italian spinone but DH refers to her as the muppet. last time i saw her she was just a little puppy! dave has been raving about how big she is now & i have been correspondingly nagging him for a pic. finally got one on my phone yesterday!
as you can see she & foster spend some quality time together in the back of DH's truck just being puppies! i will have to swing by dave's work one of these days so i can take some more pics!
puppy & i will be heading down to CT on thursday for the day to visit with the littlest bear cub norah so stay tuned for pics of our fun adventure!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my best bud steely

foster got to visit with his best bud steely over the weekend while we were at SIL laura's wedding in CT. d&m & their girls were kind enough to watch puppy for us for 3 days! i guess i should really thank steely since he did most of the entertaining i think. :) lucky for me shelly snapped a few pics of the visit that i can share!
the boys with little dthe boys chillin on the porch through the screen....
otherwise i didn't take a single pic all weekend! sorry guys but being pregnant & a bridesmaid is enough work-no time for pics.
a BIG THANKS to d&m for watching foster for us! hopefully the boys can get together again soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fairy dogparents

saw a great article on the other day on they are a non-profit organization that helps out folks who have fallen upon hard times & need assistance taking care of their dog. they provide food, medicine or money for the vet so people don't have to give up their dog to a shelter. they are based in MA and have helped out many dogs already! they are 100% based on donations so please, if you are a dog lover & looking for a cause to donate to, consider giving them a hand! even a small amount helps!
puppy thanks you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 years old!

foster the puppy (yes puppy) is 2 years old today!
foster got a new water resistant collar from cabelas for his bday this year. he does so much swimming & his other one gets stinky & gross. he's quite good at posing for me....he seems to like it!
and tonight he will get a special birthday bone for his special day!
happy birthday sweet puppy bear!

Monday, July 19, 2010

happy birthday hunny!!

today is DH's bday! happy birthday my love!
he will be sweating all day at work with no A/C, poor thing. he plans to celebrate as often as possible this week on the boat with all his fun new fishing gear!
after all, it is summer of dave......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

garden update

haven't had a garden update in quite some time. it has been hot hOT HOT & humid here this last week or 2 with almost no rain. tomatoes love heat & humidity so they look like they're doing pretty good. had to pull the lettuce b/c it wilted & died (unlike toms lettuce does not like the heat). cukes are doing ok, no big fruit but lots of little guys who might grow up. and my snap peas (a new addition to the garden this year) are doing great! i built a trellis for them with some stakes & some old yarn from my knitting days. just ate my first 5 peas a few days ago and they were delicious!
puppy is a big fan of the garden too (please ignore our totally dead lawn).hopefully more good news to come in another few weeks!

Monday, July 12, 2010

fluke fishing

DH went out fluke fishing a week or 2 ago with BF dave somewhere in the atlantic ocean and came back with a very nice catch!
ever seen a fluke before? they look like flounder. kinda funny looking actually...but very tastey!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

puppy's 1st camping trip!

for probably the 6th time in 7 yrs (boo 6 weeks of rain last summer) we spent the 4th of july holiday up in the great north woods of NH. this is where DH did his graduate research on moose and we can't seem to get away-it's such an awesome spot to visit. and the a word: PERFECT. this 4th of july marked another milestone for foster the puppy: his 1st camping trip! and as you will see from the pics he had quite a fun time!
saturday we took the canoes out for our usual fishing paddle on the upper androscoggin river out of dummer, NH (yes you read that right). 4th of july regulars stevie & angie came along as well as another umaine alum ian.
we're not entirely convinced foster likes just sitting in the canoe but he's still a very well behaved puppythe crew on the boatsit was still hot even in northern NH so cooling off in the ammonoosuc river by our campsite was a very nice end to a lovely day. someone had built a little jacuzzi with the rocks which we happily lounged in all weekend of course we weren't the only ones who enjoyed the water sunday was reserved for our usual float down the lower part of the androscoggin from shelburne, NH to gilead, ME. remember #3 from my last post? there's a nice current in this part of the river and very little paddling is actually required. due to my pregnant state this year DH did just about all the paddling himself! thanks hunny!
gotta start off the paddle by taking a quick dip of course we always stop at this big spit in the river for lunch. puppy got in some fetching & swimming back at camp puppy had no trouble drying off and eventually crashed hard (in a patch of dirt of course) for the night after 2 super fun days in NH! highlight of the weekend for me: fried dough! that's right folks! after 6 yrs of driving by the gorham fair & whining for one i was FINALLY rewarded with a stop. i guess this whole pregnancy thing isn't so bad after all.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 101

i got tagged by my sis in one of her blogs to list a few things that make me happy....i think. the tag was not very specific. so on this friday of a long holiday weekend i find myself happy for many reasons so i guess i'll get started:
1. hearing baby S' heartbeat makes me happy
2. watching foster do just about anything makes me happy
3. floating down the androscoggin river on a summer day in a canoe doing NO paddling makes me happy
4. july 4th fireworks make me happy
5. listening to the allman brothers band or phish in the summertime makes me happy
6. sleeping makes me VERY happy
and last but certainly not least......
7. my amazing DH makes me happy just about everyday
happy fourth of july everyone!! we'll be back next week to report on foster the puppy's very first camping trip!
God Bless the USA!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

maiden voyage

last weekend marked my maiden voyage out on our boat! yes we've had it since last september & this is my first time out. in my defense i hadn't been feeling all that great at the beginning of boat season this year (you now all know why the blog was MIA for 3+ weeks) and DH gets up REALLY early for fishing trips. and let's be honest people, meg + 3am=not pretty.
so i managed to guilt him into taking me out a bit later (read:wake up at 4:45am) last saturday for some pleasure cruising and of
some scenes from cape cod bay......dave at the helmand the catch!thanks for a fun trip hubby!