Friday, September 4, 2009

who cares about flowers and cabinets? we want more puppy!!

ok, ok sorry puppy lovers! i will immediately supply you with more foster right now!
i present you with: foster's favorite things
foster's new favorite thing to do outside is roll around in the grass on his back. we're not sure if he's got an itch or maybe he's trying to dry off but he appears to simply LOVE doing it.another one of foster's favorite things to do is practice his training outside with daddy. such a good boy!but of course, more than anything else foster loves getting loves. especially from his daddy.happy labor day weekend y'all! we'll be back with more adventures of foster and the s family next week!


  1. YAY!!!!!! I have a great appreciation for your cabinet organization, I really do! But, Foster updates is really what i'm after!!!!!!!

  2. I care about flowers and cabinets...and puppy too!


  3. I like the flowers and cabinets. But they don't compare to a big, stupid, slobbering, over excitable brown bear.

  4. how dare you call my baby stupid!!?!?!!?