Monday, September 29, 2008


foster took his first trip to the hudson vet today for his second round of shots and a basic checkup. of course he was loved by everyone he met! according to dave everyone commented on his great demeanor and personality. on top of that we learned that big fos is 22lbs!! at ten weeks old! when it's all said and done in less than a year he will likely top out at 90+lbs-yikes!! that's alot of doggie! he got a clean bill of health and will be going back in 4 weeks for his next set of shots.
in other news.....i caught a 3 song live performance of NKOTB at the garden on VH1 last night. it was a very fun trip down memory lane!! got to hear "the right stuff" and see the famous dance!and only 2 days till post-season baseball!! GO SOX!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

growing up!

ten weeks old today! growing up fast! too fast in my opinion. still trying to grow into these huge ears.......meanwhile things with luna have improved. she has finally realized if she sits on a stool or the couch she is pretty safe from puppy harassment.
i'm luna, don't mess with melearning to co-exist peacefully
watch out puppy
my parents were at the natick collection last night and my mom couldn't resist picking up this "chocolate lab truffle" from moonstruck chocolates! isn't it so cute?! it was yummy too.....
hope you all had a good weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

what not to wear

what not to wear when playing with a 9.5 week old puppy? your nice ann taylor loft khaki's!but how can you stay mad at this face?
luna the cat has not taken well to our little brown bear cub. the few times she has ventured over the gate and big fos has been around she's been hissing and swatting. apparently she can resist his cuteness!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sarah & josh are married!

congrats to my dear friends sarah & josh who tied the knot this past weekend! i was honored to be a part of their special day. it was such a fun wedding! and the bride was absolutely stunning!and of course a puppy pic.........have i mentioned how much this dog loves his daddy? i fume with jealousy! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

foster meets luna

after celebrating the wedding of sarah & josh we scooped up their cat for a 2 week visit while the newlyweds are off honeymooning in hawaii. luna hid out upstairs under our bedspread for a few hours before venturing down to discover there's a little brown bear cub living here too!
hmmmm.....what do we have here?
i've never seen one of those before mumi'll just hang out here till she comes back.....hopefully the next two weeks are uneventful and everyone plays nice! we'll see if luna ventures over the gate at all.
daddy was off fishing last night while all of this was taking place. apparently this is not an impressive catch but it looks pretty darn good to me! and it will taste good tonight for dinner too!

thanks hunny!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

foster the bag!

we received a very fun item in the mail the other day! our very own bag with our name on it!by the way, a 2 month old puppy doesn't just sniff things out-no, no , no! he had to pick it up and run around with it! that was much more fun!
so now the bag has been put away in a safe place until we go on a trip! many thanks to cilla & steve for including foster in the family with his own bag!
i'm off tomorrow to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of my very good friend sarah! have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

congrats brooke & jonathan!

my BF brooke and her fiance jonathan celebrated their engagement over the weekend at a beautiful party thrown by her mom in our hometown! it was great to see family and friends and meet some new people!
here's the happy couple me and dave with brooke and jonathan MOH and the bride!

congrats again brooke & jonathan!

can't wait for the big day!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

he's a big ferocious animal

he's a 15 lb terror!
he doesn't really like the camera. he was barking at me while i was snapping pics. this is him about to pounce on me and the camera.
but he sure does love his daddy....

hopefully he doesn't feel like barking again for an hour at 3am tonight.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm quite the napper!

after an hour or two of playing around the house and yard foster gets quite tuckered out. he has a variety of places he likes to nap in.
here's a pic of his very own private puppy area where he sometimes naps. it has a divider in it so as he gets bigger we can make more space for him. i don't want him to get bigger though!

but sometimes he just passes out in the living room by our feet. here's fos kicking back with his favorite buddy mr. goose

but this has got to be his all time favorite place to nap.....

such a sweet boy!


foster has quite alot of love already from lots of different people, especially for being such a young pup! here's a few of the wonderful gifts he has recieved and loves!
i think mr. goose is his favorite toy right now. thanks ken & beth!
he's also intrigued by this new doormat we got the other day. thanks brooke & jonathan!
and just yeseterday we ran over to petco and got him his very own name tag! he looks so handsome in it. it has our address and phone number on it too but i don't think the whole world wide web needs to see that!

thanks for all the love everyone!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

foster day 1 9/07/08

one day after returning from banff we took our last trip to gunning island kennels.
and we both fell in love for the second time in our lives.....with a little guy we named foster.
dave rode in the backseat of my car with fos on the drive home. we introduced him to his new digs and got to know eachother a bit all day.
in the car on the way home
playing in the yard
he loves sitting under our big coffee table

so far so good!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

honeymoon in banff!! 08/30-09/06

after picking out our 3 pups we jetted up to the great white north of alberta canada to banff & jasper national parks for a week long honeymoon! yes it snowed in august up there BUT there exsits some of the most amazing outdoor sights we have ever laid eyes on.
here's some of my favorite pics from our trip
the view from our hotel onto banff
emerald basin hike in yoho national park (just west of banff)
emerald lake, yoho national park
larch valley and sentinal pass hike, near lake louise, banff national park
moraine lake and the valley of the ten peaks (banff)
the athabasca glacier and columbia icefields (border of banff and jasper national parks)
views from the icefields parkway, jasper national park
tonquin valley hike, jasper national park

it was an amazing trip! we were excited to come home and get our new puppy! we said goodbye to celcius and kilometers and hello to foster!!

ahh no worries, eh?

picking out puppy 08/29/08

so after our wedding we went back down to gunning island to pick out a pup. we were a bit early in the picking process but since we were leaving on our honeymoon for a week we needed to figure things out. we signed up for a male and were 3rd on the list so we had to pick 3 males knowing that one of them would be ours.
here's a few pics from the visit (they are ~6 weeks)

i believe this is foster