Friday, December 30, 2011

i like this....

#2 video from you tube this year. mom showed me this and i thought it was funny. i know how that puppy feels!!
2011 wrap up coming hopefully before 2012 but no promises......i went swimming this morning in 20-degree water so i need to lay by the fire for a bit.
roooof, foster

Monday, December 26, 2011

mum is a slacker

ruff.......i mean hello. foster here. since mum is such a slacker i have decided to commandeer my blog again so you all can see what we've been up to.
november update......lil bro is walking all the time now. tripping over me and generally being a nuisance. daddy & i did a bunch of hunting. i had a great time sniffing out birds & retrieving. we got our first nor'easter on halloween weekend and we haven't seen any of the white stuff since. bummer for me since i LOVE it. lots of tree branches fell & daddy had to clean them up.
hanging out....i tolerate my lil bro
mum's birfday
lil bro's birfday
mild weather so trips to the park & playin in the driveway

oh yeah and thanksgiving in CT
not a bad month i guess. more to come soon.....aarroof, foster