Friday, January 14, 2011

puppy wars!

sabot & foster have quite alot of fun attacking each other on a daily basis, or so i'm told. they're about the same size & weight & age, and they're both labs so i think they have similar brains. hmm.....maybe dave & laura would disagree.
DH took a TON of pictures at work the other day of the boys playing. it was too difficult to narrow down so i made a movie instead of the whole lot. dave was home yesterday b/c of the blizzard so i had a little free time without a baby in my arms.
and so without further adieu, i bring you "puppy wars":
disclaimer: this is two dogs having fun and playing. no puppies were harmed in the making of this movie. enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sabot & lola

this is sabot....
and this is lola....
these are another 2 of puppy's friends at daddy's work. sabot is a black lab, an american lab, which is taller & a bit slimmer than an english. lola is a mutt, perhaps part golden retriever & something else. both are very sweet dogs. sabot & lola's mommy laura works with dave.
sabot & foster are about the same size now and they have epic battles running around together in the WMA (more on this in a future post). lola is a tough little dog & sometimes joins in but mostly just runs around being super cute.
stay tuned for more on foster & sabot's adventures....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


when it's not blizzarding here we bundle up & try & get a walk in on nice days.
nice being 20-30 degrees & sunny. foster was home a few days this week as daddy had meetings so the walks were a necessity! i snapped a few pics after we got home of my boys.
foster is always looking out for his little brother!
just another fun day with my boys!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

december 26th

we opened presents & had a lovely brunch!
even puppy got some gifts!
it was a great holiday and we are so happy we had foster with us!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


although the M family xmas get together was officially scheduled for the 26th everyone was over my brother's house xmas day so we swung by!
baby jason spent the entire visit in the arms of his memere, grampie, auntie k or auntie ang. it was a pretty good day to be a baby!
making funny faces with auntie k
his big brother foster also got quite a bit of love from family too. and on top of that auntie ang's niece stopped by with her puppy bailey! lots of puppy fun ensued...
it was a very merry christmas!

Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas eve

with foster in the doggie hospital we were forced to change our holiday plans and stay home instead of heading down to CT to see friends & family down there. for the first time in his 32 years dave had to miss the S family christmas eve festival of fish. it was a very sad day. we tried to improvise at home.....
we hung out together and anxiously awaited the return of our fourth family member....and santa.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

a very scary christmas

i can't write any posts about christmas before first telling the story of foster's latest mishap.
the monday before xmas foster was at work with daddy playing with the muppet in the back of daddy's truck. i love the muppet but i think her puppy ways have corrupted foster & caused him to get in a bit more of trouble than he would have by himself. muppet discovered that the cap of dave's truck has electrical wires in it (for the taillights). she was smart enough to simply chew them. foster on the other hand, in typical lab fashion, ate as much of them as he could. while feeding/changing jason at 4am that night i heard him heaving downstairs. dave went down & discovered a small pile of red & black plastic & copper wires. maybe that wouldn't have been a big deal except the next day foster & olive did the same thing in olive's daddy's truck. and again i heard foster heaving in the middle of the night.
we decided foster should stay home with me on wednesday where there were no automobile wires to consume in the house. he was ok throughout the day but by nighttime there was something wrong....very seriously wrong. foster was lethargic & trembling. dave immediately took him to our local vet. they determined he had a 106 temperature and possibly some sort of intestinal blockage. dave rushed foster to the tufts veterinary ER in grafton.
after 3 days of IV fluids, antibiotics and ultrasounds foster finally passed the food out of his stomach and started showing signs of improvement. dave brought him home on xmas day. it was the best xmas present we could have possibly asked for!
it took him a few days before he was completely back to normal but thankfully all is well again. final diagnosis: plastic covered copper wires cause serious damage to a puppy's digestive track. luckily there was no blockage or perforation, but inflammation caused by serious irritation from the wires.
i can't tell this story without mentioning the fabulous care foster received at tufts. everyone dave met was caring, compassionate and helpful. the doctor's & tech's took extremely good care of our puppy. and as usual all who met the brown dog were enamored with him too. even his discharge papers mentioned how handsome he is!
ok, on to more fun stories from the holidays....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy 2011!

it's a new year and we have much to report! many thanks to my brown friend for taking over for me for a while there. i am back now and have many posts to write regarding the events of the last few weeks.
for now i leave you with a pic from jason, foster & i's first group walk through the neighborhood yesterday. a quick cell phone snap. 50 degrees on new years eve......craziness!
more to come soon.....i promise!