Thursday, September 24, 2009

bye-bye canoe

my BIL and nephew stopped by last sunday for a quick visit. their purpose: staking claim to the marz canoe. now that we have 2 boats, a canoe and a kayak i decided something had to go. and although we love the canoe and have had many a fun paddle in it, it was time to pass it on to another generation of outdoor lovers. and since my 3 nephews live near a marsh, the ocean and all sorts of other fun bodies of water they were ECSTATIC to inherit the ol' girl.
while dave and cory got the boat rigged up to the minivan C and i played a little fetch with puppy, who is always happy to comply. :)hope the canoe gets lots of love in it's new home! have fun guys!


  1. Super-duper YAY!!!!! So exciting!! Love BIAB!! Oh.....and the canoe's great too. Thanks. ;-)

  2. Foster seems to know that he is posing for pictures.