Wednesday, October 27, 2010


we have finally finished up the office/guestroom so all our family & friends will have a comfortable place to stay when they come help, i mean visit, the new baby. :)
last winter we painted the walls "new england yellow". this fall we finally got around to buying a new sofa bed & rug. throw in some new curtains & a newly framed map of new haven harbor & long island sound & waalah!
here it is....
BFB slept on the sofa bed this past weekend & confirmed it's comfiness! so we'll be taking reservations soon.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"you work him too hard!"

this is what i have been saying to DH lately regarding taking foster out bird hunting. they have been going out so often that puppy has been a bit stiff walking around (prompting daddy to periodically give him baby aspirin). and that's when he's not sleeping, which is all the time! in the mornings after hunting days he eats breakfast & then goes right back to his bed rather then hanging out with me while i'm getting ready. i miss my puppy friend!!
anyhoo here's a collection of pics i have snapped over the last few weeks of my puppy friend being the cute lil brown nugget that he is......
these are MY toys
so tired
such a sophisticated puppy! or goose
both are so tasty tho...
he's snoring away right now on his bed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

puppy the retriever

foster the labrador retriever has started his second hunting season!
according to daddy he had a very successful first outing on opening day this week.
and he has been resting very peacefully at night after a hard days work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

nursery progress!

we have made some serious progress on the nursery these last few weeks!
we have most of the furniture, i got a rug & some baskets for the changing table and dave painted. we went with a brighter green than our usual neutral tones. it's a valspar color called mountain botanical. the jerk working the paint counter at lowes told us he thought it was an "interesting" color to paint a bedroom but we are very happy with how it turned out!
anyway without further adieu.......
and a super cute early shower gift from aunt laura & uncle tri!
i still need to get some curtains & we have some pics to hang up on the wall.
but it's coming together pretty nicely so far! only ~8.5 weeks to go!