Thursday, September 17, 2009

a fun visit with auntie laura & uncle tri

we had wedding #5 last weekend and my SIL laura and soon-to-be BIL tri volunteered to watch puppy. foster had quite a lot of fun sniffing out his surroundings and trying as hard as possible to win over (a maybe dog-person) tri.
lucky for puppies foster the blog laura snapped some pics and sent them along to me!
thanks for being such great puppy-sitters laura & tri!


  1. We love having puppy! When can he come back? We miss him! Especially Tri!!!

  2. I love this blog even more now that I'm away from my pup and never get to see Foster (or you) anymore!

  3. Hey Tri. There's nothing like a slobbering giant head on your pillow. Don't you love it?

  4. foster is trying to win you guys over!!

  5. Foster already had Laura wrapped around his finger. I'm coming around. As long as Laura doesn't send him upstairs to wake me up!

  6. Lovely picture of Tri and Foster - how can you resist him??

    Mali - we miss pictures of Baron!