Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the gala

last weekend marked my 6th annual winter gala. all the while i was snapping pics i was hearing my dear co-workers saying, "this better not end up on your blog!" or maybe it was just christie saying that.
anyhoo, in honor of the 6 gala's i've been to i thought i would post some of my fav gala pics of the good friends who help me through the mundays at work.
don't worry guys i only had my camera at 4 galas and i won't embarass any of you here....
Jan 20-the state room, boston
my all time fav gala picJan 2007-the state room, bostonJan 2008-gilette stadium clubhouse, foxboro
damn you mali!gotta put a pick of my super cute hubby with his short haircut in (hint hint)
Jan 2010-park plaza, boston ahh good times! thanks peeps!
sorry there hasn't been much blogging lately, i have no puppy fun to post these days! this weekend we start winter paint projects so hopefully i'll have some pics of that next week!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


good friends sarah & josh came over for dinner on saturday and brought along their ~8 month old lab-mix puppy fern with them! fern & foster had a lovely time playing together all evening! fake tongue & real tongue it's so funny to see foster with a puppy younger & more rambunctious than him! he gets all worn out and tries to lay down but fern just kept attacking him! thanks for a fun visit guys!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


BF brooke sent this gift for foster in the mail the other's a humunga-tongue! basically it's a ball with a big tongue attached but the package reads, "only for dogs with a good sense of humor." how fun is that?! thanks so much for the fun present brooke!!! we love it!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

happy friday!

ahh the first week back after a long holiday break has come to a close. hooray!!
i leave you with more proof of how much dave loves cuddling with foster.hope you have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the wedding shrine

so back in august 2008, right around the time this blog started, dave & i got married. :) one of our favorite wedding gifts was from our minister jeff & his wife kathy. they gave us a beautiful nantucket basket that jeff himself made. the only time i cried throughout the whole wedding weekend was when i opened that gift.
for quite some time after that we pondered how to display the basket without damaging it in any way. i questioned my friend meg (jeff's daughter) for ideas too when i saw her this summer. in the end we decided to get a shelf to display the basket on. i bought one at the craft store a while ago and finally got around to painting it over the holiday break. i painted it white to match the trim in our living room and my handyman hubby hung it up for me.i also bought a white picture frame for that room a while back too and decided some wedding pics would go along nicely to display with the basket. one of those pics is from BF brooke's wedding too!here's the finished product on the wall by the front door in our living room. positioned nicely above the birch wood table my parents gave us as a shower gift. dave now refers to this area as the wedding shrine.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

chilly fun with baron!

mali & baron were free after the holidays to burn a few calories walking around gates pond. we happily accepted & the usual amount of neck biting and jumping occurred....between the dogs. mali & i got to catch up before she heads off for another semester at yale. good luck mali!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a visit from chloe!

my BF brooke was in town for the holidays along with her hubby jonathan and their 15 y.o. bichon chloe! they swung by for dinner & a visit after the holiday madness.
both pups were pretty tuckered out from all the fun of the holidays...thanks for a nice visit guys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

holiday adventures part four

that's right folks....part 4! did i mention we were busy this holiday season?! :)
dec 26th we headed back to my parents house for a lil M family get together. we visited with aunts, uncles & cousins & puppy got major love from all.
me & ang with the feast
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yummytime! auntie mary & suzanneme & the brown onefos & lil cousin natefoster was very sad when cousin christie & hubby mike left :(it's not xmas without a round of cigars...another holiday season has come to a close. whew! hope yours was good too!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

holiday adventures part three

we woke up christmas morning in CT and opened presents! puppy must have been a good boy this year because he got a new dental rope from grandma & grandpa!! hopefully this will help to freshen his breath.....somewhat.
next we packed up and were off to MA to party at my BFs mom's house in my hometown.
my bro & his FI angpuppy getting some loves from tbhanging with albert playing with my favorite new toy pheasant!! thanks mike & angelita!!and thanks to patty b for having us over for a fun visit with family & friends!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

holiday adventures part two

christmas eve we drove the rest of the way to mom & dad S's house. we spent the day with nieces & nephews & some early gift opening!christmas eve was at aunt mary's for the annual festival of fish with a record number 21 people this year!!
hmmmmm....baked stuffed lobster tails & fried scallops & shrimps! YUMMY!!!!sisters jen & carriedave & memain addition to visiting with family big & small we got to see cousin katie's yellow lab cooper! foster & cooper got to visit for a bit too!it was another lovely visit with family!
then we tucked ourselves into bed and waited for santa!