Wednesday, November 26, 2008

another fun weekend in CT

geez i'm a bad blogger. but in my defense i have a cold and it's the holidays so i've been busy darn it!
first things first, foster had giardia, a parasite that lives in pond/lake/stream water. probably got it from being a camel and drinking nasty pond water while out in the westboro WMA with daddy. we humans sometimes get it from doing the same thing when hiking/backpacking. that's why it's always important to carry a filter or iodine tablets with you when you're roughing it! one round of antibiotics later and the little pup is totally fine! not sure how we're going to avoid this happening in the future but we'll see.......
ok, lets recap yet another super-fun weekend down in CT! after getting foster's health situation figured out we headed down to the nutmeg state. first stop.....NH where not only did we get to visit mom & dad S but we had a surprise visit from cousin katie and her yellow lab cooper!!! well you can imagine he and foster had quite a bit of fun together running around. cooper is ~7 months old i think and 50-something lbs.
cousin katie & cooper
sniff, sniff (getting acquainted)cuddling up with his grandma
and cousin k
after getting all tuckered out foster curled up in his favorite spot in any person's house.....the heating grate....zzzzzzzzafter catching some z's in NH we headed over to d & m's place for another visit with the silver fox himself....steely! don't remember steely? check out an old post from our last visit to CT. here's the one and only steely, who's about 7 months nowhanging out with another person my size, d & m's daughter dani
playing outside
unfortunately hubby came down with the cold that i now have (thanks hunny!) so we had to forgo our trip to see baby norah. :(( here she is with her aunt jenna, who i know was very excited to meet foster. sorry we missed you jenna!!!

we'll be sure to stop in on our next trip down when we're germ free!!

hope everyone has a great thanksgiving tomorrow!!! eat plenty and be merry! don't forget, elastic waistbands are the best way to enjoy thanksgiving-yum!

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