Sunday, November 9, 2008

puppy fun with dakota and baron

sorry to be MIA for a few days there. i didn't have too much to post and was very busy last week. foster had yet another fun weekend these past few days tho!
one thing that's great about hudson, and our neighborhood, is there's lots of other puppies around to socialize with. on saturday while we were outside raking leaves one of neighbors walked by with her springer spaniel puppy dakota, who is a few weeks younger than foster. we let them play for a while in the fenced in part of our yard. foster has finally encountered another animal that is smaller and faster than he is!
they're having fun i swear!

today we had a puppy play date with my friend mali and her golden retriever puppy baron, who's about 6 months old i think. we went for a walk in the stow conservation land which was alot of fun! well, except for the 1000 ticks we've been picking off the dog and ourselves since then! greeting eachother in typical puppy fashion
baron in mid-air
best budshere comes trouble

on top of all that foster got to play around in the millions of leaves that we finally raked up this weekend. the fun never seems to end for this little brown bear cub!

time for another tick check....

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  1. Hey - the ball! Yay!!