Friday, November 21, 2008

another tummy ache

sorry i haven't been on much this week. i have been almost completely absorbed with the twilight book series i'm reading. you've probably heard of them since a movie based on the first book is coming out today.
mortal girl falls in love with vampire, he loves her and resists the urge to eat her....sounds weird and crazy i know but i love them! as do several of my friends at work and yes we're all going to see the movie on monday-yippee!!!
in puppy related news....foster has been feeling a bit under the weather these last few days. :( i will spare you the details since they're kind gross but he needs to go outside often and it's not pretty. however his demeanor has been fine and he's still eating. hubby is calling the vet today to see if we should postpone our trip down to CT this weekend. :((
i'll post an update when i know more.......poor puppy!


  1. Ha! It must be vampire season! I am obsessed with the HBO series True Blood- also vampire/mortal love story. I will be very sad when the last episode airs on Sunday.

    I hope Foster feels better! It is never fun when the pups get sick...

  2. I have since become completely and utterly obsessed as well! I am starting book 3 today and hopefully can hold out on finishing it in one day so I can enjoy book 4 over Christmas :)