Wednesday, November 12, 2008

goodbye 20's

well today ends my decade in the 20's. as of 6:23pm tonight i will officially be 30.

i have some great memories from my 20's......
lived in santa fe and came back with a life-long friend
graduated from uconn with a BS in cytogenetics and later with an MS in genomics
saw countless friends get married and have babies
watched my mom beat cancer
watched my sis start a family
things ended very well with 29 being probably the best year i've had to date. married my soulmate, bought a house, got a puppy, got promoted at work....all good things! and of course i'm blessed to have such great friends and family, all happy and healthy.
here's to another decade with a whole new batch of memories!


  1. Happpy birthday, Meggie!!!!! This will be another great decade for you!! Love you lots. Have a fantastic day! xoxoxo


  2. Here's a birthday gift. Another minute in your twenties. It was actually 6:24 pm. I remember it well.
    Where is that picture I wanted?

  3. i'm planning on putting that pic up tonight when i get home.

  4. Is it the potty pic?!? I have a whoooooooooole new angle on and appreciation of that photo now.

    Yay QP! Welcome to the party.

  5. You forgot to add that you inherited 3 wonderful sisters-in-law. Have a great day. Make sure David spoils you!