Sunday, November 2, 2008

life is good

married life is great. our weekends now amount to entertaining our puppy and hanging out in our house. life is good. :)
saturday morning we were all up bright and early, as foster is not a late sleeper. amazingly he is still quite the little snugglebug despite being almost 30 lbs now. he still thinks he can fit in my lap. i usually give him some assistance as i LOVE being snuggled with. yes this is me first thing in the morning rockin the sweat-sedoof course there's plenty of loving to go aroundsaturday was a pretty fun-filled day for the little brown bear cub! daddy shot a duck this past week and saved the wings for foster to retrieve in the yard. he is really doing great sniffing out the wing too if dave hides it somewhere.
sitting pretty in the yard
later on saturday we went for a walk around gates pond, which is actually hudson's drinking water supply. we met all sorts of other furry friends! my favorite of which was this old english sheepdog-first time seeing one in person!
c'mon i want to chase those other doggies!!
foster has quite the nose. three times while we were walking he walked off the road into the woods with his nose down and came out with a half-eaten apple. three times!!
watch out here i come!

more to come on this weekend another day. GO PATS!!!!

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  1. Good. Nee.

    I have one snugglebug left, and he's almost 40 pounds!