Monday, December 1, 2008

a quiet long weekend

as my mom likes to remind me, i'm a bad blogger (thanks mum). i haven't been taking any pics or posting much these days! well i didn't take any pics from thanksgiving either....but my sister did! kt to the rescue-whew! here's a few of me and C playing with the littlest brown bear cub before dinner.foster had lots of fun cleaning up the crumbs from the floor but that was it! no turkey for this puppy, which was too bad since it was very yummy!!
friday was our good buddy dave's 30th birthday. dave was the best man at our wedding and is one our best friends. here he is with hubby, who is making it his life's work to ruin pictures......i don't even think dave reads puppies foster but i'm giving him a shout out for his bday anyway. happy birthday dave!!
saturday we had some visitors come by to see foster! first my friend christie came by for lunch and lovesthen dave's sis and her fam swung by on their way home. yet again i took no pics but i can assure you it was a fun visit and foster was very well behaved around 2 small children!
yesterday....more loafing around. it was sleeting out so it was a good day to put on 2 sweaters (and my big vince jersey) and curl up under 2 blankets with a little brown bear cub......

usually this behavior is not allowed but daddy is going down the cape for work for a few days and taking my baby with him so he was feeling generous. i gonna miss them so much!!

so there may not be much to post this week while they're away. :(

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