Monday, October 6, 2008

on tour in connecticut

foster had an action-packed weekend on tour down in connecticut. we visited all sorts of family and friends and even met some other doggies! all the excitement left us with one tired puppy sunday afternoon!
first stop:mom & dad S. house in north haven
cuddling up with grandma
playin' with auntie laurafetching in the backyard
then on to auntie carrie's house to meet matthew and patrick!
matthew is not so sure about this guy
final stop of the day on saturday was to dave & michelle's to meet the whole NH/UConn crew and the silver fox himself-steely!!! steely is a 5 month old silver lab. silver you ask? i guess there's a recessive gene in chocolates so they sometimes come out silver.
sniffing each other outdaniella getting pushed around by 2 crazy puppies
he was a little scared at first and sticking close to mommy
believe it or not this is steely & foster playing nice! after some bum sniffing everyone seemed to get along great!
after what was probably the most exciting day of his short 11 week life so far, foster crashed big time and slept ~8hrs!
sunday we headed up to marisa & rick's place for the last stop on our CT tour. they have a beagle murphy, who was none to pleased to have our little brown bear cub sniffing around...
marisa was definitely VERY happy to meet foster tho!
marisa & rick will be welcoming their own baby girl in just a few weeks! can't wait to meet her!ok, gotta run so i can hopefully watch the sox wrap up the NLDS series tonight. GO SOX!!!!


  1. He looks twice the size of when we saw him!!

  2. It's nice you put playing with Aunt Laura instead of attacking her!

  3. Loved the pic of him and Dani together! Miss you guys.
    - Des

  4. Forget it. We're not gonna bother comin'. We missed it. It's all over.