Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i get all tuckered out!

being a puppy is tough work! after a long day of running around, playing, chewing on things, eating and napping there's nothing foster likes more than......well, another nap! this little pup is a snugglebug and despite being a bit too big for our laps he still tries to curl up in there!
as usual daddy seems to be the most appealing snugglebuddy (or maybe it's just that i'm the only one taking pics!)they have even been known to spoon
last night a pillow ended up on the floor and foster discovered that's a pretty comfy place to kick back too! hmmmmm perhaps a doggie-bed is in order.......
in fact, everyone here was pretty tired last night....
well i know why dave was tired. he got up real early to go fishing again with uncle bob g. and it was another successful day out in cape cod bay...
cheers to pumpkin beer and striped bass!!


  1. I can't believe the size of that fish! So when is the big fish fry? Does Luna get any fish?

  2. we have plenty to go around if you would like any. perhaps we can arrange a night for you to come over and have some!
    no we didn't give any to luna.

  3. It's a nice fish, don't get me wrong, but we were hoping for some real giants in the 30-40 lb size class!! There's always next time!