Friday, October 24, 2008

red oak winery

last night me and some co-workers went on a tasting and tour at the red oak winery in middleton, mA. we enjoyed a lovely sampling of red and white wines all made in french oak barrels right here in massachusetts! the grapes are grown in california and shipped out in refrigerator trucks. then the wine is made locally at the winery. the vintner, Frank Spadafora, gave us a really interesting description of how his wine is crafted using techniques similar to those of the wineries in bordeaux but using cali grapes rather than french ones.
i have already tried (and love) the merlot, cabernet sauvingon and red zinfandel. so i tasted 5 completely different wines last night (don't worry you only get a few sips of each):
  • syrah-really good
  • barbera-very interesting, peppery and spicy, never had anything like it
  • vintner's reserve-a blend of several different red oak wines, dry and amazing (my fav!)
  • sauvingon blanc-a very fruity bouquet and very tasty
  • chardonnay-i'm not a big chardonnay fan to begin with so i wasn't a huge fan of this one
i think just about everyone went home with a few bottles for the holidays! i highly recommend checking out the red oak winery in middleton!

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