Monday, September 29, 2008


foster took his first trip to the hudson vet today for his second round of shots and a basic checkup. of course he was loved by everyone he met! according to dave everyone commented on his great demeanor and personality. on top of that we learned that big fos is 22lbs!! at ten weeks old! when it's all said and done in less than a year he will likely top out at 90+lbs-yikes!! that's alot of doggie! he got a clean bill of health and will be going back in 4 weeks for his next set of shots.
in other news.....i caught a 3 song live performance of NKOTB at the garden on VH1 last night. it was a very fun trip down memory lane!! got to hear "the right stuff" and see the famous dance!and only 2 days till post-season baseball!! GO SOX!!

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  1. A cute pup and 5 cute doesn't get much better than this!