Wednesday, October 8, 2008

walkies & our very own bed!

monday evening we all went for a walk down the street to the assabet river. there's a small footbridge that leads over the river and into a dog-friendly park.
it was a beautiful autumn evening
he loves his sticks. look at the size of those paws!
on the way back dave tried to get foster to go into the water. he was throwing sticks into a shallow part of the river. foster was meandering at the edge but wouldn't swim in. then he decided to climb up on a wet rock sticking out of the water and he slipped and fell in! he went completely underwater nose first! it was hilarious! he held on to the rock and whimpered for a sec than swam around it back to the shore. of course i didn't take any pics b/c i was practically diving in to help him! i did take this one pic of him all wet and scared afterwards.
well today i finally decided to ignore my darling husband and go get my dog a proper bed! i picked up this extra large woolrich dog bed from target.
he'll grow into it someday!
if that's not happiness i don't know what is...



  1. He is just too cute!

  2. He'll probably outgrow that bed in 2 weeks.....

  3. LOVE the autumnal pics! And as for the pup in the water - poor baby!