Tuesday, July 27, 2010

workday fun

you may remember puppy's friend olive from work from this previous post. she is an italian spinone but DH refers to her as the muppet. last time i saw her she was just a little puppy! dave has been raving about how big she is now & i have been correspondingly nagging him for a pic. finally got one on my phone yesterday!
as you can see she & foster spend some quality time together in the back of DH's truck just being puppies! i will have to swing by dave's work one of these days so i can take some more pics!
puppy & i will be heading down to CT on thursday for the day to visit with the littlest bear cub norah so stay tuned for pics of our fun adventure!


  1. Little bear cub Norah?

  2. my friend marisa's daughter is a norah too!

  3. Yay! How exciting about your visit! Can't wait to see pictures! Wait til you see how pregnant she is!!! Hope you are enjoying yours!