Thursday, July 1, 2010

maiden voyage

last weekend marked my maiden voyage out on our boat! yes we've had it since last september & this is my first time out. in my defense i hadn't been feeling all that great at the beginning of boat season this year (you now all know why the blog was MIA for 3+ weeks) and DH gets up REALLY early for fishing trips. and let's be honest people, meg + 3am=not pretty.
so i managed to guilt him into taking me out a bit later (read:wake up at 4:45am) last saturday for some pleasure cruising and of
some scenes from cape cod bay......dave at the helmand the catch!thanks for a fun trip hubby!


  1. Everything except the wake-up time = AWESOME!!

  2. Jonathan would be so jealous if he saw this post!!!!


  3. someone needs to teach me how to hold a fish for a picture.. terrible..

    nice bass though!

  4. Does Foster go on the boat?
    We were on MV that day. You should have come to Edgartown and had lunch with us.

  5. That wake up time makes me want to barf....but looks like it was worth it! FUN!