Friday, July 9, 2010

puppy's 1st camping trip!

for probably the 6th time in 7 yrs (boo 6 weeks of rain last summer) we spent the 4th of july holiday up in the great north woods of NH. this is where DH did his graduate research on moose and we can't seem to get away-it's such an awesome spot to visit. and the a word: PERFECT. this 4th of july marked another milestone for foster the puppy: his 1st camping trip! and as you will see from the pics he had quite a fun time!
saturday we took the canoes out for our usual fishing paddle on the upper androscoggin river out of dummer, NH (yes you read that right). 4th of july regulars stevie & angie came along as well as another umaine alum ian.
we're not entirely convinced foster likes just sitting in the canoe but he's still a very well behaved puppythe crew on the boatsit was still hot even in northern NH so cooling off in the ammonoosuc river by our campsite was a very nice end to a lovely day. someone had built a little jacuzzi with the rocks which we happily lounged in all weekend of course we weren't the only ones who enjoyed the water sunday was reserved for our usual float down the lower part of the androscoggin from shelburne, NH to gilead, ME. remember #3 from my last post? there's a nice current in this part of the river and very little paddling is actually required. due to my pregnant state this year DH did just about all the paddling himself! thanks hunny!
gotta start off the paddle by taking a quick dip of course we always stop at this big spit in the river for lunch. puppy got in some fetching & swimming back at camp puppy had no trouble drying off and eventually crashed hard (in a patch of dirt of course) for the night after 2 super fun days in NH! highlight of the weekend for me: fried dough! that's right folks! after 6 yrs of driving by the gorham fair & whining for one i was FINALLY rewarded with a stop. i guess this whole pregnancy thing isn't so bad after all.....


  1. That last picture is priceless! Tired puppy!