Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 101

i got tagged by my sis in one of her blogs to list a few things that make me happy....i think. the tag was not very specific. so on this friday of a long holiday weekend i find myself happy for many reasons so i guess i'll get started:
1. hearing baby S' heartbeat makes me happy
2. watching foster do just about anything makes me happy
3. floating down the androscoggin river on a summer day in a canoe doing NO paddling makes me happy
4. july 4th fireworks make me happy
5. listening to the allman brothers band or phish in the summertime makes me happy
6. sleeping makes me VERY happy
and last but certainly not least......
7. my amazing DH makes me happy just about everyday
happy fourth of july everyone!! we'll be back next week to report on foster the puppy's very first camping trip!
God Bless the USA!!


  1. Yay! Our friendship makes me happy! Have a great time camping - if that's possible..... :)


  2. YAY! Great list! So many things to be happy about!