Thursday, July 22, 2010

my best bud steely

foster got to visit with his best bud steely over the weekend while we were at SIL laura's wedding in CT. d&m & their girls were kind enough to watch puppy for us for 3 days! i guess i should really thank steely since he did most of the entertaining i think. :) lucky for me shelly snapped a few pics of the visit that i can share!
the boys with little dthe boys chillin on the porch through the screen....
otherwise i didn't take a single pic all weekend! sorry guys but being pregnant & a bridesmaid is enough work-no time for pics.
a BIG THANKS to d&m for watching foster for us! hopefully the boys can get together again soon!


  1. did you say that Michelle took pictures???? I didn't know she could operate a camera.