Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the muppet

foster has a new friend at work. you may remember foster's girlfriend willie from the office. unfortunately willie passed away recently but willie's dad just got a new puppy and she & foster are proving to be fast friends. this is olive, the italian spinone. spinone's are a less common hunting dog with a gentle soul & laid back temperament. DH thinks olive looks funny & calls her the muppet.
i swung by dave's work one day last week and took some pics of foster, olive & a german shorthaired pointer puppy that happened to be wandering by.i'm sure there will many more fun times to come for foster & olive!


  1. Goodness!! Furry friends!!

  2. Olive has a cute fuzzy face. Of course, not as cute as Foster.

  3. Love that last picture!! Puppies!!