Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the duck factory

dave & foster went duck hunting last week at the infamous duck factory! the duck factory is a place where dave's friend bob has been hunting at for years that's loaded with ducks. dave's heard alot about it but have never been invited to go....until this year! and the duck factory delivered on it's promise & dave got 4 ducks, which foster retrieved somewhat successfully. it's still a work in progress with him but he gets better each time out!
team photo: proud papa & stoic puppy
to make the day even more fun foster got to hang out with another lab from gunning island kennels, brookie! brooke is an amazing retriever. she has been trained very well and is a certified master hunter! during down time foster & brooke snuggled together.....
these photos are courtesy of brooke's owner john.
well, we're off to CT on thursday for loads of turkey, wine, desserts, etc.
have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!


  1. Oh my Goodness! Puppies are too cute! Miss you, Foster!!

  2. Foster + Brookie= true love forever

  3. What a great picture! That's a framer for sure :)