Monday, November 16, 2009

foster foster foster

i know you've missed him! puppy is doing great! he recently had his yearly check-up at the vet and he is in near-perfect health! i say near-perfect b/c he was apparently exposed to lyme disease and is taking a 30 day course of antibiotics just in case. he received the "lyme vaccine" a while ago but apparently that doesn't 100% prevent you from getting the disease. the word vaccine is a bit confusing here i must admit. BUT i guess it helped his body fight off the lyme so he has no symptoms. to learn more read here. i should also mention we give him frontline too but being outside all the time and living in the northeast lyme disease is VERY common in dogs up here. luckily when caught early antibiotics make them good as new!
he clocked in at 79 lbs and is free & clear of heartworm and all that other fun stuff. yay puppy! we are also currently in the process of switching foster from his "puppy" formula dog food to "adult" dog food. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! he will still be referred to as a puppy! it's a very sad day tho that he's growing up so fast. :(
otherwise foster has been having LOTS of fun hunting with daddy several times a week. mostly they have been pheasant hunting but also occasionally waterfowl. foster has proven to be a spectacular hunting dog! several pheasants have been brought home and consumed! great job boys! here's a pic of puppy in his hunting collar (a gift from auntie catie!): back tomorrow with more fun updates!


  1. He will always be puppy!! Glad to hear all is well puppy!!