Thursday, November 12, 2009

yay me!

another year, another birthday! although this one isn't nearly as traumatic as last year, my sister did point out to me this morning that i am now IN my 30's. yay. thanks for pointing that out k. thought i'd throw up a few pics of some of my fav events from the past 365 days....
BF brooke's wedding
the falmouth road race
good times with my hubby

and of course constant unconditional love & entertainment from foster

thanks for all the birthday wishes!!


  1. Happy Birthday SIL! Glad to have you part of the family!

  2. YAY!!!! Happy Birthday Meggie!!!! Love ya!

  3. Happy birthday Meg!! I know how you feel about the whole 31 thing... I too realized I am now "in my 30s" But I am sure this year will be a great one for you!! :)