Thursday, November 5, 2009

seabrook island, sc

we spent most of our short trip on seabrook island, which is about 30 minutes outside charleston. seabrook is a nice slow-paced and quiet place with beautiful scenery everywhere you look. DH's m&d have been going there for years and we happily accepted an offer to tag along.
the view from our balcony yum! sailboats cruising by on a windy day while it was snowing back home we were enjoying a beautiful sunset and those are the newlyweds who were staying next door can you see the egret? lots of brown pelicans on our beach and dolphins! cool beach shot i highly recommend taking a trip down to seabrook island! as you can see it's a lovely place!


  1. It's a wonderful place to be - wish we were back there - your pictures are wonderful and we enjoyed your company - we will have to do it again - xxoo MIL & DIL

  2. Love these pics. Looks so serene and peaceful! Well worth the missing of the snow!!!!