Monday, December 7, 2009

summertime in december

last week we had a 70-degree day here in massachusetts! i had 1 vacation day left to burn so i took a half day and puppy and i frolicked in the warm sun at gates pond. since it was 1pm on a thursday we pretty much had the place to ourselves. and wouldn't you know it...i remembered my camera! snaps to me. especially since people (christie!!) are pestering me for blog posts. :)
illegally swimming in hudson's water supply my feeble attempt to take a cool pic in the sun battling a huge stick then my camera batteries died-doh!


  1. Yay Puppy. Yay blog. Yay Meg.

  2. So happy to see the blog back up! I missed puppy!! Can't wait to see him! (and you guys too!)

  3. Illegal swimming....Big sticks. FUN DAY!!!!!