Thursday, November 19, 2009

40 years!

we had a 40th anniversary party for my parents last weekend. i made them this slideshow, with the amazing help of my friend steve who burned the movie file onto dvds for us to watch on tv! thanks steve!!! the first song is one of my parents favorites and the second one my mom likes and seemed to fit well! let me know what you think!
this is all i have for this week so have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Yay Steve! Meg this slideshow is great- very inspiring :) I have to make one for my parents now.

    How was the party? Did anyone get choked up during the movie screening?

  2. party was good! no tears during the movie tho.

  3. This was just wonderful! Congrats to Jackie and Steve on 40 yrs of bliss!

    They may not have shed any tears but I did!

    Just wonderful!

    B & V

  4. Meg, I cried like this was a video of my own family. What a fantastic gift!!! Great job!!!

  5. That was great Meg!! Congrats to your mom and dad for what looks like a great 40 years!!

  6. I thought Mum looked a little tear-ish.

  7. I loved the video. You are making me cry! Hope your parents loved it just as much!