Friday, August 28, 2009

where is puppies foster?

i dunno where we've been! dave's beeing working alot of late nights. puppy and i went over to the reservoir yesterday for a nice long walk. i started going back to the gym-strength training not running. i need a serious break from running for a while.
we were supposed to go away this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary but due to TS danny, and various other weather disturbances all colliding in new england at the same time tomorrow, we'll be stay home instead.
on tap for the weekend:
  • i'm finally going to touch up the trim in the living and dining rooms where i made mistakes painting last winter
  • paint a shelf i got to put up in the living room to display a beautiful homemade nantucket basket that we got as a wedding gift
  • finally using a container store g.c. to get some items to reorganize the 'under the kitchen sink' area
  • continue reading harry potter #5 (LOVE these books!)
  • make lasagna with the batch of sauce dave's making tomorrow. ummm.....lasagna during a cold rainy day.....yum!

i guess that's about it! we'll see how much of that actually get done! foster is doing well, nothing new to report. he's still a very sweet & lovable brown bear. :)

have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds nice!! If you feel bored you can always still come up tomorrow to watch the boys for a night while go wedding-ing with DH.

  2. Lovely posting and all, but come on.....where's the pic of Foster!!!!

  3. Since you are working so hard, why not take some of that energy and bring it over here so you can help us unpack? :)