Friday, August 7, 2009

puppy update

sorry i haven't been around much these days. i've been keeping quite busy running after work but with my big race coming up this sunday i will resort back to summertime lethargy for the rest of the warm days. yay!
i'll be kicking asphalt for 7.1 miles in falmouth, ma on sunday morning. i'm running the falmouth road race on behalf of the lymphoma research foundation. due to my many generous family and friends i've raised over $1700 for the LRF!! my mom, dad, dave & foster will be there to cheer me along and the weather forecast so far looks promising!
puppy has completely healed from his surgery and is back to his puppy ways (bouts of craziness followed by bouts of sleepiness). daddy has geared up retriever training for the upcoming duck hunting season this fall. so he & foster have been quite busy together in the evenings.
this weekend we'll be dogsitting at our friend's ken & beth's place for their bulldog zeke and husky timber. their house is like puppy vacationland. they have an in ground pool & a fenced-in yard with a doggie door. so the boys all just come and go as they please and have a grand old time swimming and running around.
so i hope you all have a nice weekend and i'll be back next week with pics and stories from the race and dogsitting!


  1. YAY Meggie! Best of luck to you this Sunday!!!! I'll cross my fingers for good weather! Foster, have fun this weekend in Puppy Playland with Zeke and Timber. What fun!!!!!

  2. Have fun!! Glad to hear Puppy is feeling better!

  3. Meg

    Best of luck -we'll be cheering you on from afar! GO AUNT MEG!!!!

    Hugs -

    Jen and co...

  4. Meg - good luck on your race - I know you will do well - let's hope for weather like we had today down in CT - almost 80, very dry and a nice little breeze-

    Love, MIL and DIL