Tuesday, August 18, 2009

two brown labs

this past weekend foster & i went to a BBQ at my friends sarah & josh's new house. it was so much fun for humans & puppies alike! foster got to meet duncan, an english chocolate lab who's only about 3 months older! duncan's parents brought his doggie pool over and he & foster proceeded to have a blast splashing around together in it for most of the afternoon!
hey man, that's my pool!c'mon we can both fit!duncan would flop around like an otter! foster was intrigued...occasionally there would be sharing...both boys had quite alot of fun together! more to come on another new puppy friend from sarah's party tomorrow!!


  1. Looks like Fos had a fun day!


  2. What good friends!

  3. So cute- I am sad I missed it... we will have to plan another get together soon!