Monday, August 31, 2009

the "fruits" of my labor

tomatoes are here at last!!!! after 6 weeks of rain followed by 6 weeks of more proper summer weather i am finally picking ripe tomatoes from my garden! hooray!!
i snapped a few pics this weekend of my babies....
3 hazel mae's & 1 roma giant brandywine on the vine roma plant the giant brandywine, 2 bicolor hazel mae's & another romawe ate some of the hazel mae's & roma's this past weekend in a salad & i'm happy to report they were delicious!
in other garden news.....remember when i told you i bought a 6-pack of cucumber plants on july 4th weekend? i wasn't sure i would get any fruit but lo' and behold......they're growing! not ready to pick yet but we should get a few before any frost comes! i've still got alot to learn about this whole gardening thing but i think grampie m would be proud!


  1. Yay!! I have tons of fruit, but still all very green. :-(

  2. You have a green thumb!!!! Yum!!!

  3. I wish mine looked like that...all I have is green fruit and given our weather the last few days, don't think we'll get red...friend green tomat's anyone?

  4. Congrats Meg! Those tomatos are huge :)