Wednesday, August 12, 2009


puppy & daddy have been spending quite a lot of time together recently working on some new retriever techniques to prep puppy for his first season out in the field fetching ducks.
i'm not really sure exactly what's going but i hear a lot of "fetch", "hold" and "drop it" commands and see foster running beside dave with a bumper in his mouth.
what's a bumper you ask? it's a training tool that floats, is durable and fits in a dog's mouth. a box of about 20 arrived at our house just the other day!i also have been hearing a lot of "good boy!" too so he must be doing something right! :)
i snapped a few pics the other night at dusk when they were having one of their training sessions. dave is happy to report that foster is doing very well with his training so far! can't wait to hear how he does out in the field this fall!


  1. Good job Foster - we knew you were so very smart!

    Love, Gram and Gramps S