Thursday, August 20, 2009


my good bud from work (mali) is going off to grad school. good for her. bad for foster. no more best friend baron!! :( my in-laws will likely be just as upset as they LOVE seeing pics of baron.
in honor of her departure we had a BBQ here at the house on sunday with a bunch of AZ folks...and a few puppies. my friend vicki took some awesome pics, which is great because i was way too busy being hostess to take any myself!
it was blazing hot last sunday and the pups mixed playing with panting & relaxing.
best budskayla the visla!glamour shotsthanks for the pics vicks!
and good luck at school mali! we'll miss you!!


  1. I didn't know those tongues could stretch so far!! It must have been pretty hot.

  2. Baron!!!!! We'll miss hearing about all your fun playtimes with Foster. :(
    GREAT pics!!!!!!!!