Friday, May 29, 2009

don't mess with a porcupine

foster the puppy went out with dave the other day in the field for work. he came home all tuckered out after a fun day of tromping around in the mud, playing with sticks and running through puddles.
the following morning DH went fishing and i was alone playing with puppy before heading off to work. he was laying on his back getting some belly rubs with his mouth wide open and i noticed something in his tongue. what the heck? those look like porcupine quills, i thought. i propped his mouth open and gave one of them a tug. it didn't budge one bit so i decided it was best that i do no more. so i called dave.....
"hi hunny. did foster get into a porcupine yesterday? i think he has some quills in his tongue!"
"ohh yeah, he found a dead one. i pulled 1 quill out of his snout but didn't notice any others."
next i called the vet.....bring him in asap. do not try and remove them yourself. they are VERY painful.
$150 bucks later and he came home groggy but good as new yesterday evening. he got some anesthesia and they removed the 2 quills from his tongue. then he got a rabies booster shot. they also looked at his mange and said there's still a few mites in there but it's almost gone.
poor puppy!!!!! or as dave likes to say. "he's a big, dumb animal."
have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. Goodness!!!! Poor little brown bear cub!!!!!

  2. Puppy! He needs lots of hugs from mom and dad! He's not a big dumb animal. He's a cute brown cub!

  3. poor puppy! that will teach him not to go places he shouldn't! Hope you took out pet insurance, with this cute puppy, I think you are going to need it!


  4. GOODNEEEE!! What a good mommy you are! Poor little cub.

  5. Oh my goodness....what a troublemaker he is. And by the way, where do you even find a porcupine?