Thursday, May 21, 2009

planting time!

i went over to russell's garden center in wayland the other day after work with my friend judy to pick out this years crop for my new garden! this place is huge. one could easily get lost there for an entire day just looking at everything. russell's has over 100 different types of tomatoes along with a bunch of other fun veggies and herbs to choose from. so we went with a plan to focus on that and not get distracted.
i picked out 4 different types of tomatoes:
la roma II (i got 2 of these)-typical italian tomato but with a larger yield and bigger, healthier fruit-dave's requestbrandywine-famous amish heirloom with large pink fruit
hazel mae-sweet, meaty yellow & pink bicolor heirloom beefsteakstriped german-ribbed bicolor red & yellow heirloom with marbled interior (VERY excited about this one!) i got a 'diva' cucumber-seedless, tender, crisp & bitter-free (sounds good right?)
i picked out 3 different peppers:
green belle
one very fun purchase which i was not expecting to find was a pineapple tomatillo. this is a mexican fruit used in salsas. this particular kind has a sweet taste, similar to a pineapple. they are much smaller than the variety you see in the supermarket. and lastly i got a few herbs:
i guess you could say i'm going to have a bit of salsa garden this summer with all these tomatoes, peppers and tomatillo. hopefully it turns out ok!


  1. Yay!! Sounds super-fun! Be sure to share the bounty.

  2. yummy! i found some great receipes for heirlooms on the website for food and wine. puff pastry, layered with marscarpone cheese, fresh herbs (basil!), and then thick cuts of the tomotoes. simple and very tasty. i tried it with goat cheese as well. even better!

  3. Yummy! I'll bring the tortilla chips!

  4. we are growing some tomatoes too. i am hopeful they will actually bear some fruit this year. last near nathan pulled off all of the tomatoes before they were ripe. i was really excited about that.