Thursday, May 28, 2009

weekend projects

we had a very productive saturday over memorial day weekend!
first: the garden
my darling hubby helped me with the final prep for the garden. together we built a modest little fence around the perimeter, about 6' X 3', with wooden stakes and chicken wire. hopefully this will deter any of the bunnies we've seen hopping around the yard. then i layed out a game plan for my veggies. and lastly i planted the loot!second: flowers
i cleared out a small spot next to my garden to plant some flowers. my friend judy told me it's a good idea to have flowers near your garden to attract pollenators like bees, etc. so i bought some seeds and planted my absolute favorite flower-snapdragons. we'll see in ~2 weeks if they start sprouting!
third: seating
dave cleared out a nice spot for some outdoor seating and mulched it. then he ran out to the mill store and picked up this adirondack loveseat we've been eyeing. we still need to stain it but i think it looks great! and it got quite alot of use this past weekend! a final shot of all our hard work. did you notice the rocks lining the seating area and flower bed? those are from all the digging i did this spring for the garden!


  1. Looks great! What a lot of work you did. Hope the veggies work out.

  2. Great job!!!! I hope all the hard work pays off with tons and tons of fresh veggies!!!!! YUM!!

  3. thanks for the tip on the flowers close by - I hadn't thought of that! Plus -we have something else in common (other than my bro) -snapdragons! I love them...I'll send you a copy of a beautiful one in White Flower Farm that I'd love to try!
    Can't wait to see you guys in June...

    Peace -


  4. It looks wonderful - you guys did a great job and the results will be wonderful fresh veggies, beautiful flowers for the table and a nice place to relax with a glass of wine (or beer as the case may be) after dinner -


  5. Wow- you have a lot to be proud of! The garden looks great. I did some veggie planting on Saturday but mine doesn't look nearly that cool...I need a way to fence it off and I was thinking of doing just that (stakes in the ground with chickenwire around them). Thanks for the tip!